Arab Foreign Ministers in talks over Biden’s Gaza ceasefire plan

8 days ago
Arab Foreign Ministers in talks over Biden’s Gaza ceasefire plan


Additionally, the top diplomats stressed the urgency of halting the aggression against Gaza, ending the resulting humanitarian crisis, and ensuring the return of displaced individuals to their homes, in addition to the full withdrawal of Israeli occupation forces from the Gaza Strip.

On Monday, the foreign ministers of Egypt, Qatar, Jordan, Saudi Arabia, and the UAE engaged in talks regarding US President Joe Biden’s proposed ceasefire for Gaza. They highlighted their serious consideration of the proposal, with the shared goal of bringing an end to the suffering of Gaza residents.

In a recent virtual meeting, the Egyptian Ministry of Foreign Affairs reported that the ministers engaged in discussions regarding the latest progress in mediation efforts led by Egypt, Qatar, and the US.

In a united front, the foreign ministers of Jordan, Saudi Arabia, and the UAE have expressed their unwavering support for the ongoing efforts to broker an exchange deal. This deal is pivotal in securing a lasting ceasefire in Gaza, the release of captives and detainees, as well as guaranteeing the much-needed entry of aid into the strip.

They further emphasized the necessity of beginning reconstruction with a comprehensive plan with clear timelines and binding commitments and implementing the two-state solution in line with relevant resolutions of the UN Security Council.

In this regard, the foreign ministers emphasized that the implementation of the two-state solution establishing an independent and sovereign Palestinian state on 1967 borders with East Jerusalem as its capital is the path to achieving security and peace for peoples in the region.

On 7 May, Israel launched its assault on Rafah, taking over the Palestinian side of the Rafah Border Crossing between Gaza and Egypt for the first time since Israel pulled out its soldiers and settlers from the Strip in 2005.

Since that time, no humanitarian aid entered to a population facing famine in Gaza through the Rafah crossing.

Last week, Egypt has agreed to send aid temporarily through the Karm Abu Salem border crossing until Israel withdraws from the main passage.

The latest round of truce talks held in Cairo in early May ended without reaching a deal.

Jordan announced it would jointly organise with Egypt and the United Nations an emergency international conference on 11 June on the humanitarian catastrophe in Gaza.