Foreign Minister Shoukry Engages with Acting Iranian Counterpart on Gaza Developments

8 days ago
Foreign Minister Shoukry Engages with Acting Iranian Counterpart on Gaza Developments


In addition, the call covered topics related to bilateral relations between Egypt and Iran.

Sameh Shoukry, Egypt’s esteemed top diplomat, engaged in a phone conversation with Iran’s acting Foreign Minister, Ali Bagheri, on Wednesday to address the pressing situation in Gaza. The discussion delved into Egypt’s ongoing efforts to secure a ceasefire in the region.

In a recent statement from the Egyptian Foreign Ministry, it was revealed that Shoukry engaged in a phone call with Bagheri to discuss Egypt and Qatar’s joint mediation efforts, working alongside the UN to achieve a ceasefire agreement.

The ceasefire is aimed at easing the process of exchanging prisoners and detainees, ensuring that aid can reach those in need in the Gaza Strip, and ultimately leading to a lasting peace agreement and the withdrawal of Israeli occupation forces from the region.

The two ministers concurred on the importance of advancing the development of bilateral relations to resolve all outstanding issues, thus paving the way for restoring ties to their normal state.

According to the statement, such rapprochement should be based on mutual respect and good neighbourliness, serving the interests of the Egyptian and Iranian peoples and regional stability.

During the call, the acting Iranian Foreign Minister expressed his appreciation for President Abdel-Fattah El-Sisi’s condolences on the passing of the late Iranian president and other officials and for sending Minister Shoukry to Tehran to offer condolences in May. He valued Egypt’s solidarity with the Iranian people in their grief.

At the end of the call, the two ministers agreed to maintain the pace of consultations on bilateral relations and explore ways to address the ongoing crisis in Gaza at the regional and international level.