Sada El Balad : Salma Abu Deif debuts new hairstyle… Film “El Kenz 2” drops Trailer (طباعة)
Salma Abu Deif debuts new hairstyle… Film “El Kenz 2” drops Trailer
آخر تحديث: السبت 15/06/2019 12:04 م Translated by: Yara Sameh
Salma Abu Deif
Salma Abu Deif

Salma Abu Deif debuts new hairstyle

Egyptian actress، Salma Abu Deif has taken to her Instagram account to post new photos of herself، featuring her new hairstyle، after cutting her hair and styling it to a pixie cut.

The new look has gained mix opinions between those who admired her look and those who looked the way her hair previously look.
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Film “El Kenz 2” drops Trailer

Film "El Kenz 2" (treasure 2) Facebook page has released the film’s trailer، which is scheduled to be premiered in July.

The film’s trailer featured stars Mohamed Ramadan، Abbas Abul-Hassan، Hend Sabri، Mohamed Saad، and Ahmed Hatem.

The trailer had also introduced the new characters، which are Ahmed Malik in the role of Thutmose III، Sarah Abdel Rahman who cast for the role of Rajia، a girl who helps Ahmed Hatem in his search for the treasure، and Noha Abdin who cast for the role of a dancer.

The first part revenues managed to achieve a total of EGP 19 million at the time of its production، which was produced by Walid Sabri.

El Kenz part one co-starring Mohamed Ramadan، Mohamed Saad، Hend Sabry، Amina Khalil، Ruby، Ahmed Rizk، Hany Adel، Haitham Zaki، Ramzy Lehner، Abdelaziz Makhyoun، Mohamed Mahmoud Abd Al-Aziz، Elshahat Mabrouk، Mohye Ismail، Lubna Mahmoud، Sawsan Badr، Maher Selim، Tamim Abdou، Mahmoud El Lozy، Ahmed Seyam، Walid Ezzat، Mohammed Alsoni، Selim Seliman، Noha Abdin، Ahmed Hatem، Abbas Abo El Hassan، and Ahmed Amin.

The film is written by Abd El Rahim Kamal، and written and directed by Sherif Arafa.

Mohamed Ramadan announces release date to his new music video “Papa”

Egyptian actor-singer، Mohamed Ramadan is preparing to release his new music video “Papa” within days.

He posted a new picture of himself from the music video and captioned: “2 more days”.

محمد رمضان يكشف موعد طرح كليبه الجديد.. بابا

Eman el Assi stuns in her latest Instagram photos

Egyptian actress، Eman el Assi posted on her official “Instagram” account new pictures of herself.

Hannah looked stunning in a casual look، with simple make-up and hair-style، which suited to the summer atmosphere.

 Jordan actress Rakeen Saad recovers her stolen Facebook account

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Jordan actress، Rakeen Saad has managed to recover his account back after it was stolen days ago.

She announced the news via Instagram.

ركين سعد على انستجرام

Hanan Motawie celebrates her husband’s birthday with a sweet post

Egyptian actress، Hanan Motawie celebrated her husband, directer Amir El Yamany
 birthday on her official “Instagram” account with a sweet post.

She posted a picture of herself with her husband and captioned: “Every year and you’re my backbone، husband and lover… May God bless your heart and days."

Many fans had commented on the pictures، wishing them a lifetime of love and happiness.