English Reports: Mohamed Salah's Future in His Hands.. and a Change in His Transfer Plans to the Saudi League

24 days ago
English Reports: Mohamed Salah's Future in His Hands.. and a Change in His Transfer Plans to the Saudi League

The future of Mohamed Salah, the winger for Liverpool, has become a topic of interest for the English press as the current season draws to a close.

Salah is currently under contract with Liverpool until the end of next season, and there are speculations about his possible departure from the English club, especially with the departure of coach Jurgen Klopp at the end of the current season.

Salah's performance has declined since he suffered a knee injury while with the Egyptian national team during the Africa Cup of Nations a few months ago.

Despite his recovery from the injury and undergoing a rehabilitation program, the Egyptian has not returned to his usual form, leading the English press to focus on his future.

The Telegraph newspaper indicates that Salah's rare decline in form will not make Liverpool immediately open the door to his departure.

The report suggests that Liverpool may agree to Salah's departure this summer if an offer is received from the Saudi league, as Al-Ittihad previously negotiated to sign him in previous transfer windows.

The Telegraph mentioned that the idea of Liverpool saying "thank you very much for your legendary work, Mo, but we absolutely want 100 million pounds now" is an optimistic and simplistic idea as it lacks respect for a player experiencing a rare decline.

It emphasized that regardless of Liverpool's intentions towards Mohamed Salah, the decision is not solely up to the club, and the Egyptian is the one with the decision-making power, and his legacy at Anfield is non-negotiable.

On the other hand, Sky Sports Network reported that the transfer strategy of the Saudi Professional League is expected to change this summer.

The Saudi league's strategy will focus on signing younger players after spending 784 million pounds on stars last year.

It explained that the longer Salah's departure from Liverpool is delayed, the less likely it is that any club from the Saudi league will pay a large sum of money to sign him.

Liverpool previously rejected an oral offer of over 100 million pounds from Al-Ittihad for Salah at the end of the last summer transfer window.

Sky Sports confirmed that there is interest in signing Mohamed Salah for the Saudi league, but only if the Egyptian has a desire to do so.