Dubai Internet City: Pioneering Innovation at GITEX Global 2023

26 days ago
Dubai Internet City: Pioneering Innovation at GITEX Global 2023

Dubai Internet City: Pioneering Innovation at GITEX Global 2023

Dubai Internet City is excited to announce its pivotal role as an Innovation Partner at GITEX Global 2023, the world’s premier tech event. Scheduled to transpire from October 16 to 20 at the esteemed Dubai World Trade Centre, this event promises to be a game-changer for tech enthusiasts and industry leaders alike.

GITEX Global 2023 is set to bring together a diverse array of talent, including inventors, academics, researchers, and developers from all corners of the world. Over the span of five days, participants will engage in a dynamic exchange of ideas, spanning critical themes like artificial intelligence (AI), cybersecurity, mobility, and the future of urbanism.

With an unwavering commitment to exploring emerging tech trends and fostering innovation, Dubai Internet City’s pavilion at GITEX Global 2023 will serve as a nexus for the planet’s brightest minds. These brilliant individuals are leveraging technology, including AI and augmented reality, to address some of the most complex global challenges.

As a pioneering member of Dubai’s thriving digital landscape, Dubai Internet City has played a vital role in supporting regional economic diversification efforts. For more than two decades, it has attracted top-tier industry investors and innovators to the vibrant city of Dubai.

Ammar Al Malik, Executive Vice President – Commercial at TECOM Group, articulated the significance of this endeavor, stating, “Mitigating barriers to innovation and promoting collaborative research and development can pave the way for technology-based solutions that help to safeguard future global economic growth. As a vanguard of tech innovation in the region, Dubai fosters business-friendly regulation and strategic support through programs like Dubai Economic Agenda ‘D33’ and Dubai Digital Strategy, helping to unite world-leading technology leaders for profoundly impactful breakthroughs. Dubai Internet City is a prime custodian of Dubai’s vision to nurture collaborative innovation that uses technology to address the most critical trends reshaping global society and economy. Our ecosystem will continue to connect the world’s biggest tech brands with the industry’s most ambitious innovators.”

For those attending GITEX Global 2023, an exciting journey through the realm of AI awaits. You can look forward to interacting with experts and innovators who call Dubai Internet City home. This includes the chance to network, observe live demonstrations, and explore the latest technological marvels crafted within the district.

Furthermore, visitors to Dubai Internet City’s exhibit at GITEX Global 2023 will have the unique opportunity to challenge an AI-powered programmed robotic arm in an exhilarating game of checkers. This interactive contest is a thrilling showcase of the ongoing debate about AI’s capabilities compared to human intelligence.

As if that weren’t enough, guests will also be invited to unlock a ‘secret door,’ unveiling a world brought to life by talented actors and performers from Dubai Internet City. It’s all part of the immersive experience that awaits you at GITEX Global 2023. So mark your calendars and join us on this remarkable journey into the future of technology and innovation.