Egypt refutes reports of discussing potential invasion of Rafah with Israel

25 days ago
Egypt refutes reports of discussing potential invasion of Rafah with Israel


Diaa Rashwan, the head of the State Information Service (SIS), refuted claims reported in the Wall Street Journal on Tuesday that Egypt had conversed with Israel about potential plans for an invasion of Rafah.

In a statement, Rashwan underscored Egypt’s unwavering commitment to standing against any attack that could result in extensive human casualties and widespread devastation.

In addition to the profound hardships faced by the Palestinian population in the Gaza Strip during the 200-day-long war, the statement emphasized that these repercussions would only further compound their struggles.

According to Rashwan, Egypt has repeatedly cautioned Israel through different channels about proceeding with such an operation.

Any assault would also harm regional stability.

Despite Israel’s plans, Rashwan emphasized Cairo’s ongoing efforts to de-escalate the crisis.

These efforts are aimed at reaching a ceasefire, facilitating a prisoner and detainee exchange, and providing sufficient humanitarian aid to Gaza, especially the northern areas.

Cairo’s efforts, Rashwan continued, also address the urgent needs of Gazans, particularly for healthcare, including treatment in Egyptian hospitals.

On Monday, the SIS chief stated that more than 1,500 tunnels between Gaza and Egypt have already been destroyed and the border wall has been strengthened, refuting recurring Israeli allegations that Egypt is a source of weapons smuggled into Gaza.