AMD’s Strategic Move: Acquisition of AI Software Startup to Compete with Nvidia

Mohamed Basuony
Mohamed Basuony
AMD's Strategic Move: Acquisition of AI Software Startup to Compete with Nvidia

AMD’s Strategic Move: Acquisition of AI Software Startup to Compete with Nvidia

In a significant strategic maneuver, Advanced Micro Devices (AMD) announced its intent to acquire, an artificial intelligence startup, as part of its overarching mission to enhance its software capabilities. This bold move is part of AMD’s race to catch up with its formidable rival chipmaker, Nvidia, in the rapidly evolving world of artificial intelligence. Nvidia has forged a formidable presence in the AI chip market over more than a decade, primarily due to its prowess in creating software and nurturing a vibrant developer ecosystem.

To bolster its competitive position, AMD is committing substantial investments to fortify the vital software component required for powering its advanced AI chips. The company’s President, Victor Peng, emphasized their commitment to this strategy, stating, “We are executing to that strategy, and doing it through internal investment as well as external acquisitions.”

The acquisition of aligns seamlessly with AMD’s strategy because’s technology equips companies to deploy AI models finely tuned for AMD’s chips. This acquisition is particularly valuable for’s technology, which is employed by large data center operators and other clients.

Unfortunately, the specific terms of the deal have not been disclosed as of now. However,, headquartered in Santa Clara, California, has managed to secure an impressive $36.5 million in funding, according to PitchBook data.

Earlier this year, AMD established an AI group that will house the acquisition. This group consists of around 1,500 engineers, with the majority specializing in software-related roles. AMD has plans for aggressive expansion by hiring an additional 300 professionals this year, with further recruitment initiatives scheduled for 2024.

“We have been growing rapidly, with plans for next year as well,” affirmed Vamsi Boppana, Senior Vice President of the Artificial Intelligence Group at AMD.

Notably, the acquisition of marks AMD’s second such strategic move in recent months, indicating the company’s commitment to enhancing its portfolio. When questioned about the possibility of further acquisitions, President Victor Peng commented, “We’re always looking.”

AMD’s acquisition of underscores the company’s dedication to strengthening its software capabilities in the AI market, aligning it with the firm’s ambitious strategy to compete more effectively with Nvidia. As the AI landscape continues to evolve, AMD’s commitment to both internal investment and strategic acquisitions positions the company as a serious contender in the AI chip market. This move sets the stage for exciting developments in the semiconductor industry and raises anticipation for future innovations from AMD.

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