Singer Noel Kharman Sets Sights on Global Resonance with ‘Mouthakerti’

26 days ago
Singer Noel Kharman Sets Sights on Global Resonance with ‘Mouthakerti’

Singer Noel Kharman Sets Sights on Global Resonance with ‘Mouthakerti’

Noel Kharman, the Palestinian artist, takes a deep dive into the innermost recesses of her heart and mind with her debut EP titled ‘Mouthakerti,’ which graced the world just earlier this month. Recorded in Amman, Jordan, this album firmly establishes Kharman’s presence in the Middle Eastern music arena as she unravels a captivating narrative through her EP. Translating directly to ‘My Diary,’ ‘Mouthakerti’ symbolizes a profound “voyage of self-discovery,” according to the artist herself.

In this exclusive conversation with City Times, we get a glimpse into the thoughts and inspirations behind Noel Kharman’s debut EP, exploring some of its notable tracks like ‘Ann Al Awan’ and ‘Mamnounlak,’ and what listeners can glean from her music.

Unveiling the Meaning Behind ‘Mouthakerti’

Kharman’s choice of ‘Mouthakerti’ as the title signifies her personal journal. The name perfectly encapsulates the deeply intimate nature of the EP’s songs, akin to sharing one’s feelings and experiences in a diary. This EP is a vessel for emotions that are often left unsaid, making ‘Mouthakerti’ an apt moniker.

Baring One’s Soul Through Music

Creating the songs in this introspective collection was no easy task, as it entailed delving into memories laden with emotions. Collaborating with her producer and fellow songwriters allowed Kharman to articulate personal stories related to her father’s passing, her mother’s struggles, breakups, and her own battles. Through this creative process, music became therapeutic, helping her release pent-up emotions and attain a sense of liberation.

The Impact of ‘Ann Al Awan’

‘Ann Al Awan’ has struck a chord with audiences, amassing a staggering 23 million views on YouTube. This deeply personal track, however, shifts the focus from Kharman’s own experiences and feelings to her mother’s journey after her father’s passing. It pays tribute to those who have lost someone dear, shedding light on their struggles from a different perspective.

Collaboration with Big Sam

Noel Kharman’s collaboration with renowned artist Big Sam on ‘Enta Eli’ was a seamless creative endeavor. The two artists had been considering working together for a while, and when Kharman composed ‘Enta Eli,’ she sensed that Big Sam’s involvement would elevate the track. His swift response to her request was a testament to the artistic synergy that ensued. The process of filming the music video and reconnecting with Big Sam added to the overall satisfaction, and Kharman takes immense pride in the final result.

Translating Emotions into Music

The EP ‘Mouthakerti’ delves into a range of themes, from heartbreak and loss to self-discovery and hope. Kharman’s approach involves drawing inspiration from past experiences or memories unrelated to her current life. She aspires for listeners to connect with these songs, finding solace in knowing they are not alone in their struggles and that others share similar experiences.

Balancing Different Musical Cultures

Noel Kharman began creating mashups that combined English and Arabic elements at a young age. This unique blend attracted a diverse fanbase, spanning both the Middle East and Western countries. Many Arabs living in the West have a strong affinity for Middle Eastern music, and Kharman aims to produce Arabic music that resonates globally, appealing to audiences worldwide.

A Milestone in the Journey

‘Mouthakerti’ is a pivotal milestone in Kharman’s music career, representing significant growth as an artist. It served as a journey of self-discovery, providing clarity regarding her artistic direction and sonic identity. The EP’s success has been rewarding, equipping her with valuable insights and skills for her upcoming projects.

Personal Favorites and the Future

‘Ann Al Awan’ holds a special place in Kharman’s heart due to its personal significance. The success of the track has propelled her journey to new heights. Additionally, ‘Mamnounlak’ resonates with her, exuding empowerment and strength. As for the future, while specific collaborations remain undisclosed, Kharman is eagerly looking forward to what lies ahead, anticipating a creative and fruitful year.

Noel Kharman’s ‘Mouthakerti’ is not just an EP; it’s a testament to her evolution as an artist, her ability to convey profound emotions through music, and her commitment to forging a global connection through her unique sound. As she continues to explore new horizons, her journey promises to be a melodious one worth following.