Sisi and Emir of Kuwait address regional development in first official meeting in Egypt

1 month ago
Sisi and Emir of Kuwait address regional development in first official meeting in Egypt


They expressed their commitment to enhancing trade and investment between the two countries.

President Abdel-Fattah El-Sisi and Emir of Kuwait Sheikh Meshal Al-Ahmad Al-Jaber Al-Sabah came together in Cairo on Tuesday for a productive meeting aimed at further strengthening the robust bilateral ties between their two nations. This visit marked the Emir’s first official trip to Egypt since taking office in December 2023.

The Egyptian presidency has reported that during the meeting, both parties engaged in discussions centered on regional matters of common interest and key priorities for collaborative Arab initiatives.

Both parties delved into potential areas of collaboration spanning investment, trade, energy, infrastructure, healthcare, education, culture, tourism, and various other fields.

El-Sisi and the emir commended the close consultations on regional and global issues of mutual concern, emphasizing the importance of prioritizing peaceful approaches, dialogue, and diplomatic resolutions for conflicts and disparities in the Middle East.

They also stressed the urgent need for an immediate and permanent ceasefire in the Gaza Strip, along with ensuring safe, sufficient, and sustainable humanitarian aid access to Palestinians.

Furthermore, they emphasized the necessity to uphold Libya’s sovereignty, unity, and territorial integrity, rejecting any external interference in its affairs, and supporting Libyan-led initiatives for a political settlement.

In addition, both sides highlighted the urgency of securing an immediate and permanent ceasefire in Sudan, denouncing external military interventions that favour either side.

The emir reiterated that Egypt’s water security is an integral part of Arab water security, firmly rejecting any actions that affect Egypt’s rights to the Nile waters.

Both leaders also underscored the significance of maintaining security and stability for the region’s maritime navigation.

Additionally, they emphasized the importance of finalizing the delineation of the Kuwaiti-Iraqi maritime borders beyond mark 162, in accordance with international law.

During the emir’s visit to Cairo, El-Sisi granted him the Order of the Nile, Egypt’s most prestigious decoration.