Azza Fahmy celebrates ancient Egypt’s floral symbol with a tribute to the Lotus

25 days ago
Azza Fahmy celebrates ancient Egypt’s floral symbol with a tribute to the Lotus


As always, Fahmy embarks on a journey through time, deriving inspiration from the hallowed tombs and majestic temples of Egypt, where the Lotus flower has held profound significance for countless millennia.

In a tribute to sophistication, beauty, and cultural roots, the renowned Egyptian jewelry designer Azza Fahmy has skillfully incorporated the exquisite Lotus flower motifs into her latest collection.

Get ready to be dazzled by Fahmy’s stunning new Lotus collection! This exquisite line features 13 meticulously crafted jewelry pieces made from the finest 18K gold and sterling silver.

This exquisite collection celebrates the timeless beauty of the Lotus flower, a cherished symbol within the captivating world of ancient Egyptian history and culture.

Symbolizing creation and rebirth, the Lotus takes centre stage in this collection, representing the vibrant emergence of a new day.


More than half a century ago, Cairo-based jeweler Fahmy started as an apprentice in the male-dominated workshops of Khan El-Khalili, learning all about the craft of centuries-old jewelry making.

She then started her workshop with a handful of people, aiming to tell stories of heritage and culture through her creations, before launching her line and eventually becoming one of the most famous Egyptian jewelry designers, collaborating with famous names on the catwalk.

Fahmy is now acclaimed worldwide not only for her designs that rely profoundly on research but also for the manifestation of the Ottoman craftsmen hierarchy, which had been present in Egypt for centuries.

“Inspiration always stems from roots,” she told Ahram Online in a recent interview that celebrated the 50th anniversary of her first collection and was marked by the publication of a narrative of her work over the past five decades.

“It is always important to stay rooted in our culture and art while being open to modern techniques and theories of applications. The two go hand in hand. We have a treasure of history right here that we have to utilize,” she added.

The Lotus collection serves as a testament to the enduring legacy of ancient Egypt, a culture that continues to enthrall and mesmerize the global community.